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Every naughty thought you have ever had.

Enter in live chat with me

Enter at your own risk, because you will never want to leave. Help me play with myself, buy me toys then teach me how and where you want to put them!
Also this will take you to my when i am live there. you can check my schedule for times.

A Little more about me...

NameBarbara Nukem
Zodiac signPisces
Hairsi have about 15 wigs
Weight100 pounds
Body typeSkinny and Slender
Sexual preferenceBisexual
SmokeVape and cigs when i drink
CountryUnited States
Shoot for the moon if you miss you'll land among the stars.

Disney Villian Mashup

If you like what you see here, check out Barbara Nukem on youtube!!


But wait you there is more...

You can watch me live, buy my pictures, videos, and spoil you with my fan club

And here you can see my schedule, to help you be sure to find me. Also everything i sell including info on all the wonderful things I offer. I spoil you if you spoil me. 


I try my best to keep to these hours , times and please forgive me if you cant find me.
Also i am on 5 to 7 sites that i bounce between, so everyone can see.










All you want and more...

Here is some ideas of what I offer for you
so here are a few ideas of what you can buy from me. Please just message me if you wanna buy something if we can make it work, then i will make it happen. 

You can buy photos, videos, and live chat session time. The videos are mostly of me playing with toys on myself. Sometimes i feature my fiance, getting videos with another person is possible just have a way smaller selection. And hop to offer more girl and girl stuff one day. You can see vibrators, penetration vaginally and anally and also double penetration and bj's on my biggest toys. I also love cosplay, lingerie and bondage that i can been seen wearing in videos too. I can put my photo on all kinds of merchandise and even offer clone a pussy of my own sexy lady parts with a sleeve so you can get as close to the real thing as possible. And my favorite please send me gifts like toys, lingerie, i show it off in my videos for you. 

My Fan Club

$10.00 a month
100.00 a year

First off you will be given access to my fan club phone number, a second line on my personal phone so you always be talking to me and only me. I will also use this to let the month by month people when they are close to next payment, if cancelled the number will be blocked but you can still reach me on my fan club email to restart whenever and if ever you wish too.

As a member you will get a minimum of 2 nude or very sexy pictures every day that i take myself to keep you updated...most days you will get many more than 2. That is just a number in case i get caught up or an emergency happens where i am not able to take pictures in the nude. Basically like a snap chat premium sort of deal only i have more great deals to come.

Also fan members get an exclusive on a month fan only video for free.

Not only are fans offered and videos i make first but they get any service be it live chat, or videos $10.00 off the original price. And requests for videos my be more or less than $10.00 all depends on what it is. 

Also as you know I love toys and lingerie. If you personally purchase either for me to use or wear you will get a free video using or wearing item as soon as i receive it as a thank you from me to you.

Also i will request video ideas, to be sure I am changing it up and keeping my variety f fans happy....if I chose your suggestion you will get the video free before I sell it to anyone else!

Anything else your interested in to buy always ask. I can make anything with my picture on it and of course sign it for you. I also sell underwear or any other clothing i have worn and i also sell the fuckable clone a pussy made from my real sweet little lips them self.

And remember I personally run and message everyone back myself, and while everyone is important i will try my best to answer, and I do try to keep my answers short and sweet as i do not have time to personally chat with everyone all day. Unless you have purchased paid time then you have my full attention till time is up. 

Thank you so much for making this possible for me! I appreciate every member everyday in every way!

love always....Barbie<3

But nothing is free

Payments and prices

My prices are always fair, and lower than most girls but I am grateful I get to do this for a living so I charge slightly less. And i make sure you can view and keep anything you buy from me.

Fan club prices are $10.00 a month or 100.00 for the year. If interested, I have everything they include, just ask.

Photos are 4 nudes for $15.00 all different angels and shots to get a nice view of an also request things like spreading and close ups but the 4 will cost $20.00 instead.

Videos are 5 to 10 minutes long....

1 video is $25.00 or you can do

2 videos for $40.00

And requests start from $50.00 to $100.00, if agreed upon, i usually make the right away no one has ever waited more than a day. 

Live chat time, I like to go no longer than 20 minutes and its $25.00 a session.

Payments have several options...

I can request it from you and also send invoices as i have a card reader and the program for it. For cash Western Union...

Cash App: $barbaranukem

GreenDot: BarleyGirl

and paypal which should create a link below is 

Any other forms you have questions about please ask.


Sarcastiv Comediac Poledancer who is Fiesty as her Sexdrive.

And who am i, you ask?

I am one you will not soon forget...

My name is Barbara, but i have been known to go buy Barbie, Babs, Barley and Harley

So many nicknames for such a sexy little lady. I cam on a few sights and use social media like snapchat to get myself out there.

I also love to pole dance, one day i hope to be in competitions with strange song choices and ability to hang upside down so long.

I also love to model, and take pictures. I love extreme make up, costumes, and everything that lights up. I hope you all not only come visit me but even join my fan club!! I also love gifts, like clothing and toys that i can show off to all my customers from my favorite fans!!

Check my schedule and commet for any questions!!

please leave your love here!

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06/19/2020 01:13
Whats your snapchat?
Jim smith
04/27/2020 12:50
Can I get one of those vids where you shit your self , I think it's so hot how you shit on your fiance and then use it for Lube on the interests his myself but I do understand also I think it's cool how you shit into jars so he can smell it when you're not around you say it smells like chocolate I'd love to find out oh by the way you were talking about sticking a wine bottle up your ass to open it up live how did that work out just wondering
One big sucker
10/29/2019 16:24
Thanks for showing us the real you
10/19/2019 02:06
Looks real good you changed that one thing up witch was better .
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